Instrumentation for fast functional optical tomography

C. H. Schmitz et al. (2002)


In this report, we describe the design rationale and performance features of an integrated multi-channel CW NIR optical tomographic imager capable of collecting fast tomographic measurements over a large dynamic range. Fast data collection (~70 Hz/channel/wavelength) is achieved using time multiplexed source illumination (up to 25 illumination sites) combined with frequency encoded wavelength discrimination (up to four-wavelength capability) and parallel detection (32 detectors). The described system features a computerized user interface that allows for automated system operation and is compatible with various previously described measuring heads. Results presented show that the system exhibits a linear response over the full dynamic measuring range (180 dB), and has excellent noise (~10 pW noise equivalent power) and stability performance (< 1% over 30 min). Recovered images of laboratory vessels show that dynamic behavior can be accurately defined and spatially localized. PACS: 42.62.Be + 87.64.Je + 87.80.Tq + 07.05.Hd + 07.57.Ty +85.60.Dw