Frequency Domain Fluorescence Optical Imaging using a Finite Element Method

Y. Pei et al. (1997)


In this paper, a reconstruction algorithm for fluorescence yield and lifetime imaging in dense scattering media is formulated and implemented. Two frequency domain radiation transport equations based on the diffusion approximation are used to model the migration of excitation and emitted photons. In the forward formulation, a finite element approach, which is specially effective for complex geometries and inhomogeneous distribution of medium properties, is adopted to obtain the required imaging operator and the simulated detector responses related to the photon fluxes on the boundary. Inverse formulation is derived based on the integral form of two diffusion equations. The technique is demonstrated by reconstructing spatial images of heterogeneous fluorphore distribution and finite time using simulated data obtained from homogeneous and complex (i.e., MRI breast map) media containing objects with fluorophore and with and without added noise.