A fast reconstruction algorithm for implementation of time-series DC optical tomography

Y. Pei et al. (2003)


A reconstruction technique that allows for real–time recovery of a time series of images is presented. The reconstruction technique is intended for use in a dynamic DC imaging system, and uses a model–based normalized–preconditioned–transformed system equation that considers light diffusion and is suitable for structures having arbitrary geometry and composition. The algorithm was tested on synthetic 2D media containing dynamic optical contrast features, with the presence of added noise and other uncertainties that commonly are present in experimental data. Post–reconstruction analyses performed on the reconstructed image time series show that the algorithm is capable of correctly locating the inclusions (total of eight) with excellent spatiotemporal accuracy, even in the presence of 32% noise and other uncertainties. In addition, a semi–analytic graphical tool we have identified, that can guide design of suitable measurement geometries and selection of appropriate refinement of the imaging operator, is described.

Keywords: Real–time imaging reconstruction, Time–series analysis, Optical tomography