Determination of Macroscopic Optical Properties of Multilayer Random Media by Remote Sensing

Randall L. Barbour et al. (1991)


Several measurements and analysis schemes have been explored, using simulated data, in an effort to identify new strategies for the determination of the macroscopic optical properties of multilayer random media. Several simple algorithms are described which are capable of identifying the values of important parameters such as the total cross-section, Σt, the ratio of the absorption to total cross-section section, Σat, and depth of subsurface boundaries in two- and three-layer media. The albedo values of the media ranged from 0.9 to 0.99 and the superficial layer had an absorptivity either greater or less than the subsurface layers. A novel feature of the algorithms is a comparison of the responses of coupled pairs of detectors. Their utility stems from the fact that variations in the orientation and location of collimated detectors permit the selective interrogation of subsurface regions in dense scattering media.